E-2 visas are for suckers

I’m posting this here mainly for my own convenience.

From the Chicago Korean Consulate General website:

F-4 status

  • Naturalized Korean-American and his/her immediate descendants can apply for F-4 visa.
  • F-4 visa holders can engage in extensive activity including work in Korea up to two-years unlike other visa status, and this status is extendable with Local Immigration Office.
  • For F-4 visa to be issued, the applicant needs to fulfil his Korean nationality renunciation report with Korean Ministry of Justice or Korean Consulate before visa application.
  • The necessary documents are as follows:

  1. Passport
  2. Completed visa application form with photo attached.
  3. Documents proving applicant’s origin is Korean such as Korean family registry or, birth certificate, etc
  4. Document proving that applicant completed his/her Korean nationality renunciation report
  5. Other documents which are deemed to be necessary by the Korean Justice Minister.

* The Validity period for multiple visa is 3 years and maximum duriation of stay is 2 years.

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