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Money Money Money

I need to make a shitload of cash in the next 12 months or my ass ain’t goin’ nowhere!

Yesterday I did a phone interview with a company called Euromonitor International. My friend Colin works for them and the job I interviewed for would have me gathering “market intelligence” on certain products. This means running around to stores to look for products and pricing, calling manufacturers and vendors to grill them for info, and completing other fact-finding missions. If I get the work I should be able to do it while still keeping my VOIP job which would be awesome, and if not then tough shit.

On the iPhone side of things, I just completed my first silent auction ad sale on iPhone App I was only selling four ads because the other six were already taken due to prior commitments, but the four ads did better than I expected.

Hopefully within the next week I’ll be launching my third and probably final iPhone website. This one will be strictly for announcing apps that are temporarily on sale which happens a lot with all the price wars that get waged in the App Store. I think the potential ad revenue from this kind of site could easily top what I’m getting from iPhone App Reviews if I build it right, and if that happens then I might have my credit cards paid off by this summer.

Oh yeah, and today I bought 20,000 shares of Westwood One Radio Network (WWON) at $.03. I probably should have taken that $600 and given it to Citibank, but it’s a small enough gamble that I think it’s worth taking.

If all else fails I’ll just start selling crack to finance my impending departure.

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