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I’ve got 5 weeks…

…to get rid of all my shit! This should be fun.

Lease ends June 30th and then I will be a resident of Naperville for the first time since 1990.

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Gettin’ there

I can’t say how or why, but the vast majority of my credit card debt is now effectively paid off! How & Why are both very hush-hush because it’s a MegaSecret that, if revealed, could destroy the very fabric of existence as we know it, and I say “effectively” because I haven’t deposited the check yet. Nonetheless, I’m WAY closer to departure-readiness now than I was a month ago.

On the business front, my iPhone website is doing pretty well and is looking like it could possibly become my main source of income when I flee the country again. I’m still almost a year away from taking off, and if I can manage to double my iPhone income in that time then I may never have to wear pants to work again. What, you didn’t know about my iPhone biz? Yeah, I started at the end of July last year and have been writing reviews of iPhone apps like mad ever since. I never really thought it would become a “business” but that’s exactly what it is and it’s growing like a weed. Nine months ago I started with 21,000 pageviews for the month of August 2008, and I just finished April 2009 with nearly 120,000 pageviews. Those numbers aren’t what you’d call massive, but still I think the appropriate onomatopoeia for that stat is booyah! Thank you, Stuart Scott.

And the last major development in my little odyssey is the decision to rid myself of this apartment lease this July and accept my dad’s gracious invitation to become his temporary Basement Dweller. Come this summer I’ll have lived in this place for three years which has been great, but saving $920/mo. would dramatically upgrade the kind of shithole I can afford in Korea… plus 6-8 solid months of father/son time will be a nice way to punctuate my tenure in the Chicago area. I just hope Dad doesn’t try too hard to recruit me into his Republican Army of Evil.

And FYI, Terry just got his annual haircut a week ago and strangely hot women from all directions are flocking to him in even greater numbers than usual… but of course they still ignore me! Groan.


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