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Bringing pets to Korea

Yes, Terry the Dog is coming with me to Korea! Duh, like you even had to ask?

I’m posting this mainly for my own reference cuz I just know I’ll forget about these pages:

Incheon Int’l Airport page on bringing animals

National Veterinary Research & Quarantine Service (Korea)

Asiana Airlines pet FAQ

What I’m getting from the NVRQS site is that Terry won’t have to be quarantined as long as he gets a rabies shot more than 30 days before we land in Seoul, and Jisun has already called them to confirm that all he needs is that and proof of a physical exam by a veterinarian.

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Screw the Superbowl

I was originally planning to leave for Korea in mid-February because that’s right after the Superbowl and my pathetic life revolves around the NFL, but I’m starting to go a little crazy here and I know it’s just gonna get worse as 2009 comes to a close and Alaska’s also itching to get this ball rolling. Sooooo… we’ve agreed to take off in mid-January!

The initial escape plan had us visiting Jeremy in San Diego, but then we’d still have to either fly out of LAX or connect in San Francisco and both of those options suddenly make the pit stop in SD a big pain in the ass. Now I’m pretty sure we’re just gonna meet up at SFO on Wednesday 1/13 and go from there.

The only reason I haven’t bought plane tickets yet is because I need to call Travelocity to find out why I can’t choose our seats! We want exit row.

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I fucking rule!! When I first hatched my plan in February this year to move back to Korea I started badgering Alaska Jae about his secret desire to do the same, and that badgering continued on and off all year. He didn’t know what I was up to but he suspected, and now 8 months later he’s onboard!

I spent last weekend in Vegas with Alaska, Lee, Nik, Jeremy, and Ashly… Nik, Ashly, and I jumped out of a plane (awesome, btw) while the pussies slept off their hangovers, but other than that it was your typical kickass Vegas weekend: food, booze, gambling, strippers, the usual. We were the last two to leave and it wasn’t until everyone split that I really started to work on Alaska to move to Korea; his situation in Phoenix is a lot like mine in Chicago meaning that he has no life and no friends and not much going on in general.

A couple days ago Alaska told me he was 70/30 on going back to Korea which actually came as kind of a surprise to me. Later that day he talked to his aunt and uncle about moving back in with them after his apartment lease ends in November and they said sure, so he was suddenly 80/20. Then I finally came clean about my master plan (still the same day!) and before you know it 80/20 becomes 90/10. Next morning I check my email and… duh! …Alaska says he’s 100% in. Not only is he fully committed, he’s excited about it! He even said “I’m glad you talked me into this”. To understand why this is such a big deal you’d have to know that this guy doesn’t get excited about shit, except maybe big stock market gains and going on vacation. Seriously, he was almost giddy!



I’d still be going even if Alaska said no, but I love the fact that he’s saying yes. Nik’s already planning to move out of that old shitty apartment he inherited from me in 2005 and the move will most likely be around February when Alaska and I will be landing, so we’re gonna try to get apartments within spitting distance of each other in the Hongdae/Sinchon/Chungjungro area.

More recent news isn’t all that juicy, but it’s worth noting that I’ve already knocked out three months in Dad’s basement and have about 4 1/2 more to go. I like it here… Jim and Judi more or less leave me alone as I quietly build my iPhone empire… but the countdown is definitely on.

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