Screw the Superbowl

I was originally planning to leave for Korea in mid-February because that’s right after the Superbowl and my pathetic life revolves around the NFL, but I’m starting to go a little crazy here and I know it’s just gonna get worse as 2009 comes to a close and Alaska’s also itching to get this ball rolling. Sooooo… we’ve agreed to take off in mid-January!

The initial escape plan had us visiting Jeremy in San Diego, but then we’d still have to either fly out of LAX or connect in San Francisco and both of those options suddenly make the pit stop in SD a big pain in the ass. Now I’m pretty sure we’re just gonna meet up at SFO on Wednesday 1/13 and go from there.

The only reason I haven’t bought plane tickets yet is because I need to call Travelocity to find out why I can’t choose our seats! We want exit row.

posted by Michael in Preparing to Flee on 10/10/2009 | No Comments