How long does it take to get an expedited passport?

10 days!

The guidelines given by the U.S. State Department tell you to allow 2-3 weeks but we all know that’s just so you won’t annoy the shit out of them until it’s absolutely necessary.

I mailed my photos and passport renewal application on December 1st via Express Mail which got it to the passport-making mothership the next day. The application I sent them was completed via the State Dept’s online form but I still had to print it out  because there’s no electronic submission. It seemed worth doing so it would look all nice and there would be no question about my handwriting being legible or not, and my (re)new(ed) passport arrived on December 11th via priority mail! The next day I got my old passport back – it was mailed separately.

Conventional wisdom suggests that if you’re truly in a hurry to get your passport “expedited” you should pay for overnight delivery both to and from the passport office, but I’m cheap and decided not to pay the extra $14 for overnight return delivery. Still got it in 10 days total.

I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long to get your passport renewed, but if you really need to get the fuck outta dodge there’s a good chance it won’t take as long as they tell you it will.

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