The pre-Korea itinerary

Saturday, January 9:

  1. Land at SFO at 12:40 pm
  2. Jump in a rental car
  3. Force Patrick to buy me lunch
  4. Drive out to Sacramento
  5. Force Spike to buy me dinner


Sunday, January 10:

  1. Pick up Denise and head to South Lake Tahoe
  2. Lose $200-$400 at Pai Gow
  3. Ask Denise if she wants to have sex and watch her roll her eyes


Monday, January 11:

  1. Drop Denise off in Sacramento
  2. Drive back to the Doubletree hotel in Berkeley where Terry & I will be staying
  3. Get drunk with Jerry
  4. Try to con Patrick into buying me lunch and/or dinner but I doubt he’ll fall for that twice


Tuesday, January 12:

  1. Spend the afternoon wacking off
  2. Buy Steve dinner with his Fantasy Football money


Wednesday, January 13:

  1. Return the rental car at SFO
  2. Yell at Alaska Jae for being late to the airport
  3. Give Terry a date rape drug to make him sleep through takeoff
  4. Get on Singapore Airlines flight 15 to Seoul
  5. Get smacked by a flight attendant after inquiring about the Mile High Club
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