Taking a dog on Singapore Airlines = pain in the ass

When I brought Terry the Dog from Seoul to Chicago in 2005 it was pretty easy… I checked him in as baggage and picked him up at baggage claim. Going from San Francisco to Seoul, however, is another story as Singapore Airlines requires that you use some third party “animal transportation company” to get your animal on the plane! Groan. WTF.

The guy at Singapore Airlines said it’s a TSA regulation but there’s nothing about it on the TSA website. Still, my plane ticket is paid for so I guess I gotta play ball. They referred me to a company called O’Brien Animal Transportation & Services, aka OATS, and I just left them a message to call me back. My guess is they have an office at the airport where I’ll drop off Terry, then they’ll stick him on my flight in the cargo hold, and then I’ll have to go to their office at the Incheon airport to pick him up, and the whole thing will wind up costing a couple hundred more than it should.


Singapore Airlines page on traveling with pets

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