Long story, not so short…

American Airlines wouldn’t let me check Terry into the cargo hold because it was less than 20 degrees outside! It was 7 to be exact, so I wound up putting him on a Continental Airlines flight that went though Houston because Continental is apparently “pet friendly” and they have heated/air conditioned vehicles where the beasts wait until boarding so outside temp doesn’t matter.

So I landed in San Francisco at noon, Terry lands right now (5:21 pm) and my fucking luggage gets here at 7:22. Getting Terry on Continental made me so late for my AA flight that they couldn’t get my shit on the plane in time.

Luckily Patrick & Mamie were able to come and rescue me from 5 hours of airport loitering… we had lunch and went to the Academy of Science museum in Golden Gate Park.

Fuckin American. If you ever have to fly with an animal out of a place where you’re freezing your ass off, go Continental.

posted by Michael in Preparing to Flee on 1/9/2010 | Comments (3)
  • rkgusdn79

    sucks dood. at least AA told you that Terry would freeze if he went AA, instead of letting you take him and ending up with a not so happy dog when you landed in SFO.

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    Michael Reply:

    Bonus: AA sent one of my suitcases to Tampa! Shitheads! :pinch:

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  • cory

    you have terrible luck flying with terry, if he weighs less than 15 pounds you should look into getting a soft bag that fits under the seat in the cabin. we fly with ahjee all the time and it’s much more convenient to have him with us

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