Denise loves slot machines

And apparently they love her… we put in some time at Harvey’s and Harrah’s at South Lake Tahoe and, for the FIFTH time in the past three years, Denise won $1000 on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine! And before that, she hit two different straight flushes on the Pai Gow table. Denise’s $5 bonus bet got her $250 on the first one and she got $50 on the second one because I’m a dumbfuck and only spotted her enough to make a $1 bonus bet. I think my exact words were, “you’re’ not gonna hit that again”. D’oh.

Yesterday I had lunch with Spike in Sacramento, then dinner with Patrick and Mamie in Berkeley, and today I met up with Steve to eat some of the $300 he won in our fantasy football league.

Tomorrow I’m meeting Alaska at SFO, checking Terry into the cargo hold, and then we’re off at noon. Here are some more pics from the past couple of days.

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