How to get your Korean resident ID card

I’m pretty sure there’s some rule that you have to get an ID card within 30 days if you’re planning to hang around with your F-4 visa, so here’s what you gotta do:

  • Go to the immigration office in Omokyo
  • Walk in and go to the right where the big waiting area is, find the ticket dispenser, push the button for “foreign visa” or whatever it’s labeled, and take a number
  • Go to the third floor and buy a token for the photo booth from one of the windows on the left. If you only need an ID card you’ll also need to buy a w10,000 revenue stamp, and if you’re also getting an F-4 visa (meaning you didn’t get it before arriving in Korea) I think you’ll need another w50,000 in stamps, all of which you can get from the same place as the photo token. You’ll also need them to make a copy of your passport which costs w200 or so
  • Get your pic taken in the booth before you walk out and head back to the first floor
  • In the big waiting area on the first floor where you got your number (hopefully they haven’t called you yet) find the application for “foreign blah blah blah” and fill it out. You’ll need to put down something for your Korean address and phone number, so fake it if you have to
  • If you’ve been issued an ID card before then you’ll need another application to have it reissued and that can be found somewhere in the same office, just hunt around
  • When your number is called you’ll have to present your hojuk, passport, passport photocopy, application, photos, and revenue stamps


If everything’s in order, they’ll take everything (including your passport) and tell you to come back in a week when you can pick up your card and/or visa.

Now go get shitfaced!

posted by Michael in Whatever on 1/19/2010 | Comments (2)