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Packing for Korea…

…bores the shit out of Terry.

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Anatomy of a craigslist scam

They say on craigslist to beware of people wanting you to wire $$$ and there’s a reason for it! I posted an ad on Seoul’s craigslist looking for a sublet, and this dicklick replied saying that he had a big place available for $1000, but he wanted me to pay $500 upfront as a deposit. Oh yeah, and he’s currently in London.

Since I’m not in Korea yet I thought ok, I’ll send him the money after doing some homework. Yeah, he’s a fucking scammer. He pulled some pics off a website, claimed it was his, and asked for money via Western Union. Looking back at it now it seems pretty obvious, but I really wanted to rent this place (it’s fucking huge) so it took some digging to know for sure what was going on.

Below is my Skype transcript with my friend Dan who lives pretty close to where this apartment is located. It goes from me still thinking the deal is real to finding out how close I came to getting hosed!

[8:44:43 PM] Michael: so I’ve got a possible submet with a guy who has an apt in 반포

[8:45:02 PM] Dan: i assume you meant sublet

[8:45:02 PM] Michael: he’s in London, and he has an “agent” taking care of renting his place out

[8:45:09 PM] Michael: yeah sublet

[8:45:31 PM] Dan: ok

[8:45:40 PM] Michael: so its $1000 for the month and he wants me to western union him $500 deposit, and before I do that I’m gonna want him to do a contract

[8:45:49 PM] Dan: ok

[8:46:29 PM] Michael: the contract could turn out to be meaningless since I’m not there to sign it, but just to make sure this is legit I might ask you to go look at the place and meet the agent

[8:46:44 PM] Michael: is that ok?

[8:47:01 PM] Michael: 반포 is kind of in your area right?

[8:47:08 PM] Dan: hmmm

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Sleazy motel, here we come

Nik finally got tired of me badgering him to find us a place to stay after landing on January 14th, so he made some calls and managed to locate a cheap motel that will let Terry in. It took him four tries and the first three places he called were decidedly against having dog guests, but this yeogwon doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

The lady he talked to gave him a price of about $35/night (₩40,000) and apparently she’ll give us a discount if we decide to stay for weeks which is a distinct possibility, especially since it’s right next to Sinchon subway station which makes it convenient to crawl home from the bars. If you’ve never been in a Korean “love motel”, they ain’t bad! I’ve only stayed in a few, and they’re way nicer than some of the shitholes I’ve seen in the U.S. Here’s a pic of a room I wacked off in back in 2002.

The dog-friendly yeogwon is E, inside the red circle

The dog-friendly yeogwon is E, inside the red circle

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