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So long, suckas

Pics and/or a Youtube video of my swanky new apartment are forthcoming… eventually… but I’m not too worried about that right now because in about 6 hours Nik and I will be on a flight to Thailand! It’ll be weird and pretty relieving to not have to struggle with speaking Korean for a few days.

And while I was dropping Terry off at Alaska’s about half an hour ago, Alaska asked me the following question:

“Have you ever masturbated with a banana peel?”

Not sure what to make of that, but my answer is no… NOT YET.

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Socks we can believe in

Hey Dad, lemme know if you want a pair and I’ll hook you up!

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Terry loves treats

FYI, just in case you didn’t know

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Hotdog FAIL

Imagine how excited I got when I saw the big sign that said “Chicago HotDog”… and then came the inevitable disappointment. I asked the lady behind the counter… almost certainly the owner since she was old… if she’d ever eaten a Chicago Hotdog. Of course not! Duh.

If it's too good to be true...

If it's too good to be true... probably is. probably is.

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Big Macs 24/7

McDonald’s not only delivers, but they do it 24 hours a day! If they do this in America I’ve never seen it… maybe they deliver to offices in downtown areas but probably not at 3 am when you’re both starving and shitfaced.

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Just for fun

Here’s another pic of Alaska Jae sleeping! It was really cool of him to let me stay at his place for 6 weeks so I resisted the urge to squirt hand lotion all over his chin before snapping this photo on my iPhone.

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After six weeks of sleeping on Alaska’s floor I finally moved into my apartment earlier this week! It’s great, I love it, photos coming soon, etc. etc.

The more interesting news (to me, anyway) is that I’m going to Thailand in two weeks because all this not-really-working has taken a massive toll on me both physically and emotionally! iPhone App definitely qualifies as work, but it’s nothing compared to the schedules some of my English-teaching friends keep.

So yeah, Nik called me last night and convinced me that I need to go to Thailand. Do I truly *need* to go? Not really. Do I truly *want* to go? Fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah I do! And it’s only 4 days/3 nights so I guess I won’t feel too bad about leaving Terry in the evil clutches of Alaska Jae… or Jisun… they both love Terry the Dog so much that they may need to settle the caretaking duties in a cage match. My money’s on Jisun.

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No seatbelts, no problem

A few weeks ago I went to Dongdaemun (big shopping area) with Alaska Jae and Jisun and we went on Disco Jump! It’s this nutty ride that spins around and bounces while you hold on for dear life. The guy who operates it is pretty sadistic and was way more aggressive with the spinning and bouncing than he was in this video below. Fast forward to about 1:00 to hear him laughing hysterically at a guy who’s bouncing on top of his girlfriend.

Alaska and Jisun both fell into the middle, and if the guy hadn’t eased up I would have gone flying, too.

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V-Day just isn’t enough

Yesterday was White Day. Valentine’s Day is when girls give candy ‘n shit to their boyfriends and White Day (March 14th) is when guys are supposed to reciprocate… and hopefully get laid!

Every convenience store in town hawks White Day wares

Every convenience store in town hawks White Day wares

Even Dunkin' Donuts gets in on the action!

Even Dunkin' Donuts gets in on the action!

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This is why I want to work in the K-pop industry

Lately I’ve been trying to talk people into starting a record label with me. It’ll never happen because none of us has a clue about how to do that kind of thing… but dare to dream.

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Hi, I’d like a $19,000 couch please

I move into my new apartment next week so I’ve been shopping for furniture. Overall the cost of living here isn’t too bad, but I’ve seen some amazingly expensive shit that Koreans are apparently willing to pay for… a few days ago I was roaming around the department store Shinsegae and saw a $25,000 bed!

Ok, all together now: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??

No, I’m not kidding, and no, there weren’t naked ladies sprawled out on it. I didn’t get a photo of the bed, but just to prove I’m not full of shit here’s a $19,000 couch I pretended to be interested in just for the sake of taking the picture:

The three back sections fold down in to a bed which is apparently why this couch costs as much as a car

I plan on spending more like $500 on a couch (still a lot by my standards) and probably the same for my bed. I’m so ghetto.

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Fight the power!


Yesterday was March 1st (and it still is 3/1 in America, hence the date on this post), and it was a national holiday. What holiday was it? Independence day… sort of.

I had no clue what the holiday was all about until I consulted the all-knowing Wikipedia for enlightenment. Here are some excerpts from the full Wikipedia entry:

The March First Movement, or Samil Movement, was one of the earliest displays of Korean independence movements during the Japanese rule of Korea. The name refers to an event that occurred on 1 March 1919, hence the movement’s name, literally meaning “Three-One Movement” or “March First Movement” in Korean.

The inspiration for the Samil Movement came as a result of the repressive nature of Japanese policies under its military administration of Korea following 1905. At 2 P.M. on 1 March 1919, the 33 nationalists who formed the core of the Samil Movement convened at Taehwagwan Restaurant in Seoul, and read the Korean Declaration of Independence that had been drawn up by the historian/writer Choe Nam-seon and the poet/Buddhist monk Manhae. Coinciding with these events, special delegates associated with the movement also read copies of the independence proclamation from appointed places throughout the country at 2 PM on that same day, but the nationwide uprisings that resulted were also brutally put down by the Japanese police and army.

Approximately 2,000,000 Koreans had participated in the more than 1,500 demonstrations, many who have been massacred by the Japanese police force and army.

According to the frequently referenced The Bloody History of the Korean Independence Movement (한국독립운동지혈사, 韓國獨立運動之血史) by Park Eunsik, 7,509 were killed, 15,849 were wounded, and 46,303 were arrested. During March 1 to April 11, Japanese officials reported that 553 people were killed with over 12,000 arrested, while 8 policemen and military policemen were killed and 158 were wounded.

Many of those arrested were taken to the infamous Seodaemun Prison in Seoul where they were imprisoned without trial and tortured. Several hundred people were murdered in extrajudicial killings in the “death house” at the rear of the site.

The March 1st movement resulted in a major change in Japanese imperial policy towards Korea. Japanese Governor-General Hasegawa Yoshimichi accepted responsibility for the loss of control (although most of the repressive measures leading to the uprising had been put into place by his predecessors) and was replaced by Saito Makoto. Some of the aspects of Japanese rule considered most objectionable to Koreans were removed. The military police were replaced by a civilian force, and limited press freedom was permitted under what was termed the ‘cultural policy’. Many of these lenient policies were reversed during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II.

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