Hi, I’d like a $19,000 couch please

I move into my new apartment next week so I’ve been shopping for furniture. Overall the cost of living here isn’t too bad, but I’ve seen some amazingly expensive shit that Koreans are apparently willing to pay for… a few days ago I was roaming around the department store Shinsegae and saw a $25,000 bed!

Ok, all together now: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??

No, I’m not kidding, and no, there weren’t naked ladies sprawled out on it. I didn’t get a photo of the bed, but just to prove I’m not full of shit here’s a $19,000 couch I pretended to be interested in just for the sake of taking the picture:

The three back sections fold down in to a bed which is apparently why this couch costs as much as a car

I plan on spending more like $500 on a couch (still a lot by my standards) and probably the same for my bed. I’m so ghetto.

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