No seatbelts, no problem

A few weeks ago I went to Dongdaemun (big shopping area) with Alaska Jae and Jisun and we went on Disco Jump! It’s this nutty ride that spins around and bounces while you hold on for dear life. The guy who operates it is pretty sadistic and was way more aggressive with the spinning and bouncing than he was in this video below. Fast forward to about 1:00 to hear him laughing hysterically at a guy who’s bouncing on top of his girlfriend.

Alaska and Jisun both fell into the middle, and if the guy hadn’t eased up I would have gone flying, too.

posted by Michael in Misc. Videos,Whatever on 3/18/2010 | Comment (1)
  • cory

    Oh man, I wish you had video of Alaska bouncing around in the middle. My side hurts from laughing at just the thought of it. Have fun in Thailand.

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