After six weeks of sleeping on Alaska’s floor I finally moved into my apartment earlier this week! It’s great, I love it, photos coming soon, etc. etc.

The more interesting news (to me, anyway) is that I’m going to Thailand in two weeks because all this not-really-working has taken a massive toll on me both physically and emotionally! iPhone App Reviews.net definitely qualifies as work, but it’s nothing compared to the schedules some of my English-teaching friends keep.

So yeah, Nik called me last night and convinced me that I need to go to Thailand. Do I truly *need* to go? Not really. Do I truly *want* to go? Fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah I do! And it’s only 4 days/3 nights so I guess I won’t feel too bad about leaving Terry in the evil clutches of Alaska Jae… or Jisun… they both love Terry the Dog so much that they may need to settle the caretaking duties in a cage match. My money’s on Jisun.

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