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These photos suck ass

Sorry, it’s all I got. Everyday life just ain’t that interesting so I go around taking pictures of crap with my iPhone and occasionally my digital camera which I usually don’t carry around with me.

As for what I’ve been up to lately… ummm… I just rewrote my resume and packed it with wild exaggerations and outright lies, and then I sent it to a bunch of recruiters for private teaching gigs in an effort to supplement the billions of dollars my iPhone site is generating. I also accidentally climbed a damn mountain with Terry when I thought we were just gonna wander around at the top of a small hill. That hill turned out to be 1000 feet high.

Other than that I’ve just been putting a lot of energy into procrastinating on other shit that’s on my to-do list! There are business ideas to put on paper, websites to be retooled, websites to be started, and numerous other things that are really gonna cut into my porn-watching time once I get rolling on them.

Oh yeah, and a video tour of my new-ish apartment is coming soon, and by “soon” I mean “eventually”… no promises on when.

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I’d totally wear this if I were a chick

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I love this shit!!

If you’re not drinking banana milk you dunno what you’re missing!

And if you’re lactose intolerant (you know who you are) just suck it up and give it a try if you can find it in Wheaton. I’m lactose intolerant too but the pleasure is worth the excruciating and very stinky pain.

FYI, I’m not on a diet… they were all out of non-Lite banana oo-yoo so I took what I could get. Strawberry’s awesome, too.

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Everybody Bubi!

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Still hungover

Gonna let the pics do most of the talking! Here’s the general pattern of our Thailand trip in a nutshell…

1. Wake up at 2 pm freezing our asses off from blasting the AC all night
2. Eat, wander around, try not to die of heat exhaustion
3. Take a nap
4. Get shitfaced, crawl back to the hotel on all fours

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