Dae-han-min… boobs!

For you white folks who don’t get the joke, “dae han min gook” is the Korean way of saying “Korea”, and it’s also what you’ll hear people chanting during World Cup games.

The other night I was watching Korea vs. Nigeria at 3:30 am and after halftime I took Terry down the street to watch the game at a chicken hof (a place that serves beer & fried chicken) where I got drunk and Terry caught the attention of some lady and her moderately-doable friend’s cleavage! Good boy, now find me some girls who are 10 years younger…

Dae-han-min-boobs from Michael M on Vimeo.

posted by Michael in Misc. Videos on 6/23/2010 | Comment (1)
  • rkgusdn79

    잡종 = mixed breed.. mutt.

    i think she was offering to make a baby with you. and you said yes. so how’s it coming so far?

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