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2010 Fishing Pilgrimage is in the books

Well I’ve spent the past 2+ weeks in the Chicago area (and North Carolina and Wisconsin) and it’s been productive! The main goal was to do the annual fishing trip with Dad & bro, but before we packed the car with beer, food, and $3 fishing lures I did some running around which I think has paid off:

  • Bought all kinds of shit to take back to Korea… bedding, kitchen tools, a kickass Logitech Performance MX wireless mouse, and a bunch of business-related books
  • Spent a day with a super nice Mexican lady who taught me how to make tacos and green/red hot sauce
  • Reconnected with some friends from my days of working at Spiegel Outlet Store about 500 years ago
  • Visited mom in NC, and she tried really hard to teach me how to swing a golf club so I can stick it to Ben and Lee the next time we play screen golf in Seoul

The highlight was catching 19 fish in Wisconsin, which is 19 more than I caught last year… but of course Pat managed to catch 23. Dick! Ok my fish count wasn’t really THE highlight… that honor belongs to my dad who reeled in the biggest goddam fish any one of us has ever caught! Dad actually caught TWO northern pikes, but the second one was kind of puny compared to his first. Nice job, old man!

Holy shit, Dad!

I’m a rugged outdoorsman

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Terry = Chick Magnet

Remember that girl who was calling me a pussy as a way of getting me to drink soju, after which I promptly excused myself to go puke in a parking garage? Her name is Hanna and Terry and I ran into her at Bama’s surprise birthday bash for his girlfriend Jenny and, like most ladies, she immediately fell under Terry’s spell… and people wonder why I take him everywhere I go!

L.L. T-Dog workin' his magic

L.L. T-Dogg workin' his magic

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Back to the basement!

Here I am in Dad’s basement again, less than six months after moving back to Korea! The main purpose of this pilgrimage is to head up to Wisconsin with dad & bro for our (3rd?) annual dad’s-birthday-fishing-trip, but first things first!

Hey baby, wanna see 9 inches of hot, juicy meat?

Korean food is great, but it's hard to compete with 9 inches of hot, juicy beef

Meanwhile, Jane and her newly-wed husband Dae-Han are entertaining Terry until I get back… or maybe he’s entertaining them? So far the reports are good, ie: he’s not pissing on them or chewing on family heirlooms. I never really thought he would, but he had never been to their apartment before I dropped him off on the way to the airport so I was only 99% sure he wouldn’t wig out! Looks like all is well in Terryland.

Doesn't matter whose house he's in... the bed belongs to Terry and that's that

Doesn't matter whose house he's in... the bed belongs to Terry and that's that

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