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Getting an international driver’s license = PAIN IN THE ASS

Getting an international driver’s license in Korea used to be easy, or so I hear… just take your American driver’s license, passport, and ARC (alien registration card) to the DMV here in Seoul and, voila, you’re legally allowed to ride your pimpmobile all over town.


Now there’s another step: get some bullshit affidavit from the U.S. Embassy that says your license is valid. GROAN. Here’s the embassy page with all the details:

So I guess I’m heading to fucking Gwanghwamun this week to get this goddam piece of paper, and then I gotta go through what I’m expecting will be the Korean equivalent of America’s world-renowned DMV Hell. Or… maybe not? Here’s a snippet from one the Seoul DMV‘s web pages. My guess is that all the “pledges” are numbered “1” because they’re all of equal super importance! And I gotta admit, part of me is kind of looking forward to the bright smiles and gentle voices…

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Living life to the fullest

A rare glimpse into my crazy rockstar life

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Score! …kind of

I like to help people! I don’t do it for rewards or money or self-indulgent praise; I do it because you never know if the person you’re helping will suddenly decide to show her gratitude by ripping her clothes off and throwing herself at you.

So far my random acts of kindness haven’t ended with any bow-chicka-wow, but dragging a huge duffle bag to a cellist’s door in my apartment building unexpectedly got me a CD full of cello music and, after taking a small mattress to the building lobby for another lady, she showed up at my door to present me with a weird looking can of what appears to be Thai coconut juice. Um… thanks! I think.

And on an entirely unrelated note, I put a deposit on a very large purchase today! Photos and/or video to follow.

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Indy films are the greatest

I’ve got a small collection of photos n shit to post, but this will have to do for now! There’s nothing I love more than ending the day on the couch with a 3 minute film festival. Ok the “film” is longer than 3 minutes, but you know what I mean…

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Just what I need, another way to waste time

Hey Dad, thanks for mailing this to me!!

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It’s been a while since my last post, so I’m gonna treat the world to a story nobody wants to hear:

The other day I decided I needed to pee so I rolled out of bed, made my way to the throne, and proceeded to stand there and do my thing. During this momentous occasion I decided I also needed to blow a gigantic fart so I made the requisite push out the back door and… SURPRISE! …more than gas came out.

I wasn’t entirely sure of what had just happened until I saw a nice big glob of Butt Juice on my bathroom rug. It wasn’t a puddle, it wasn’t a streak, it was a glob, like if you were making PB&J and dropped a glob of shit-colored Smucker’s on the floor! So maybe calling it “butt juice” isn’t entirely accurate, but it was pretty fucking nasty.

And that explains why yesterday I bought a fancy new bathroom rug at Costco when I hitched a ride with Ben and his lovely lady friend Brianna, aka BHYB. Incidentally, BHYB asked me if I needed a new bathroom rug because of Terry and, knowing how pissed he would be if I tried to pin this on him, all I could say was ‘uh, not really…’

So now that you’re on the brink of vomiting, here are some semi-recent pics to distract you from the disgusting mental image I just planted in your cranium.

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