Getting an international driver’s license = PAIN IN THE ASS

Getting an international driver’s license in Korea used to be easy, or so I hear… just take your American driver’s license, passport, and ARC (alien registration card) to the DMV here in Seoul and, voila, you’re legally allowed to ride your pimpmobile all over town.


Now there’s another step: get some bullshit affidavit from the U.S. Embassy that says your license is valid. GROAN. Here’s the embassy page with all the details:

So I guess I’m heading to fucking Gwanghwamun this week to get this goddam piece of paper, and then I gotta go through what I’m expecting will be the Korean equivalent of America’s world-renowned DMV Hell. Or… maybe not? Here’s a snippet from one the Seoul DMV‘s web pages. My guess is that all the “pledges” are numbered “1” because they’re all of equal super importance! And I gotta admit, part of me is kind of looking forward to the bright smiles and gentle voices…

posted by Michael in Whatever on 8/31/2010 | Comment (1)