Cheeseburgers not tacos!

In case it wasn’t clear from my last post with the fake burger truck logo, I’ve decided to sell cheeseburgers from the Giant Yellow (for now) Truck I bought yesterday! Even though I spent a whole day in July with an awesome Mexican lady who taught me the right way to make a taco, I’ve realized the following:

  • Ingredients for burgers are waaaayyy easier to get in Korea than taco stuff
  • 100% of Koreans know and love burgers, but tacos not so much
  • Burgers are easier to prep both in the kitchen and on the truck
  • Despite the taco boot camp training, I’m still a lot better at grilling meat patties

This isn’t to say that tacos are completely out of the picture… there’s a good chance they’ll surface at some point in the future after I’ve fully mastered Ms. Magda’s secret techniques… but right now I’m going with what I know which is In-N-Out-style bacon cheeseburgers and the soon-to-be-famous Triple Double (double meat, double cheese, double bacon).

And now that I’ve lit a fire under my ass by acquiring a 3-ton mobile grill, things are starting to move forward mainly because I hired my first employee last week. Today was the first day on the job for my new assistant (read: translator) during which she helped me avert a major parking crisis. Last night I had accidentally parked in someone else’s reserved spot on the street, and I already knew that most parking lots don’t want MegaTruck anywhere near their property, so the lovely and talented Bina took care of it for me this morning! Turns out I had unknowingly found a suitable parking lot on my own already, but without her the old guy in the box probably would have told me to go fuck myself. Several others turned me away last week when I was looking for parking on my own, and now Bina shows up and *bam* I’ve got a place to put the monster! Pretty good for day one.

This is the cheeseburger that made me think DANG I GOTTA START SELLING THIS SHIT (the little one on the right was for Terry)

This is the cheeseburger that made me think DANG I GOTTA START SELLING THIS SHIT (the little one on the right was for Terry)

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  • KDub

    You MUST put a fried egg on top also. For an excellent street burger, visit Mrs. Kim outside the gate at Osan AB.


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  • Michael

    I know dude, egg + burger = awesome! But I gotta start with the basics first. Wax on, wacks off. I’ll start showboating later.

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