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Dogs eat free!

Well at least Terry does. Every time we walk past a food cart or a restaurant with their door open, I have to literally drag Terry away! Can’t say I blame him… if people were constantly handing me free food in exchange for wagging my tail and being cute I’d milk that act for all it’s worth. Well at least I know that if we ever get separated he won’t go hungry…

Women of all ages are powerless against Terry's awesome powers of persuasion

Women of all ages are powerless against Terry's awesome powers of persuasion

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My $220 Etch-A-Sketch

Driving MegaTruck around Seoul is a pain in the ass because (a) my excessive subway and taxi use means that I don’t know the streets for shit, and (b) making quick last-second lane changes when you have no rearview is a good way to crash the mobile kitchen.

GPS, of course, is the solution, and the GPS units here make TomTom and Garmin look like garbage! I paid ₩240,000 for what’s probably a semi-low-end device that does real-time turn-by-turn GPS and also streams DMB content. DMB stands for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting… in other words, I can watch TV in the truck while I’m driving, and no that’s not illegal here! At least I don’t think it is. Cab drivers do it all the time. This thing can also play music and videos from the memory card, it has A/V input for the backup camera that I may be investing in, and it even has a built-in calculator.

I have no intention of doing math or watching Korean soap operas on the road, but BHYB has discovered yet another use for my fancy new piece of hardware: scribbling stupid shit for no particular reason.

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