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Resistance is futile

Terry shakes down yet another ajumma for free shit

Terry shakes down yet another ajumma for free shit

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Eh, big deal

Yes, North Korea fired artillery shells at South Korea. And no, that isn’t a photo of Seoul burning to the ground; it’s Yeonpyeong, the little island they attacked. And I’m saying “big deal” about the small scale of the attack, not the fact that three people died which definitely is a big deal to the people who knew them.

As for what the locals think of all this, I can’t really say! I only watch the news when I wanna see if they have any hot anchors on air since I can’t understand what they’re yammering on about, and people on the streets aren’t exactly running for cover. Some people are probably worried but it’s not like I’m out there conducting man-on-the-street interviews.

I’ll worry when “getting bombed in Kangnam” actually means getting bombed in Kangnam. That would be tragic.

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Dogs wearing people clothes is cool, not weird

At least that’s what BHYB would have you believe!

So my friend Bri went and knit a sweater for Bama’s dog, and after making Terry try it on for size she went and knit one for Terry to keep! I didn’t ask her to, she just did it because she fucking rules at knitting and apparently she also enjoys putting clothes on animals. It’s really an impressive garment… striped collar, cableknit down the back… Bri went all out on this thing!

The good news is that BHYB already knows he’ll probably never wear it… except maybe when she and Ben come over, kind of like when I was seven and had to put on that new Izod sweater before my aunts showed up at the front door for Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, and I have to confess that Terry does look ridiculously cute in his new sweater! It’s kind of sickening.

It's like he just leaped off the pages of an Abercrobie & Fitch catalog

'Hey BHYB, thanks for the kickass sweater! Now you just have to convince my dad to let me wear it...'

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Truck update

I’ve been trying to pull this burger truck together for about three months now and it’s almost ready to roll! You’d be surprised at how much crap you gotta do to make something like this street-ready. Of course, part of that can be attributed to my tendency to obsess over various things that I insist on having done a certain way, such as having a stainless steel table extension built for the truck so I can make fries without accidentally frying an employee, and then there were the custom-sized steel frying baskets so that I could use one fryer instead of two… and again, avoid any hot frying oil mishaps.

People keep asking when I’ll start selling and I keep telling them… when I’m ready, goddammit! And not a minute sooner. But I’m pretty close to hitting the streets.

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Catching up!

A few random pics to start off with… and here’s the skinny on Pepero Day:  It’s basically a poor-man’s Valentine’s Day where you give the significant other some Pepero sticks which, if you arrange them correctly, can spell out “11/11”. These Korean marketing people are crafty!

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