Truck update

I’ve been trying to pull this burger truck together for about three months now and it’s almost ready to roll! You’d be surprised at how much crap you gotta do to make something like this street-ready. Of course, part of that can be attributed to my tendency to obsess over various things that I insist on having done a certain way, such as having a stainless steel table extension built for the truck so I can make fries without accidentally frying an employee, and then there were the custom-sized steel frying baskets so that I could use one fryer instead of two… and again, avoid any hot frying oil mishaps.

People keep asking when I’ll start selling and I keep telling them… when I’m ready, goddammit! And not a minute sooner. But I’m pretty close to hitting the streets.

posted by Michael in Burger Truck on 11/23/2010 | No Comments