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I smell like burgers

Burger Truck, aka “I ♥ Burger”, officially kicked off on Wednesday, December 22 last week and since then my life has been burger hell!!!! I’m too goddam tired to go into detail but it started off as a nightmare, as in omg wtf did I just get myself into, but things are slowly improving and the whole routine is getting easier as I work to make it more efficient.

Pics are in the future, I just can’t say when… the LIK crowd (all three of you) will have to wait while I get this shit figured out! Right now I need to go to bed since I have to be up in less than 6 hours to make a run to the ginormous (and chaotic) produce market where I get my veggies.

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Ain’t too proud to beg… for hot sauce

It’s great that there’s a Taco Bell in Seoul… but those dicks practically made me beg for hot sauce! I ordered a Burrito Supreme and two tacos, and the lady was gonna give me THREE hot sauce packets (they put out ketchup for the taking cuz who the hell puts ketchup on tacos, but the hot sauce is apparently too precious to leave unattended).

So anyway… three hot sauces. WTF!! So I’m like, uh can I get 10 of those, and she’s like, there’s a limit, and I’m like I’LL PAY FOR THEM, and she’s like, ugh fine… and then she carefully counted out 10 hot sauces. She didn’t make me pay, but still… what a pain in the ass.

Korean Taco Bell also prints stupid shit on their hot sauce packets... maybe that's why they're such assholes about giving them out?

Korean Taco Bell also prints stupid shit on their hot sauce packets... maybe that's why they're such assholes about giving them out?

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The world-renowned Korean work ethic

Lee and I were having a beer and spotted one of the bar’s kitchen workers taking a very long break

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Koreans love 80’s music

I like the shiny new Korean version better!




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North Korea is funny

Thanks Dad! Good stuff.

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Koreans are dying to play online games!

Hey look, some mildly interesting news that doesn’t involve North Korea:

South Korea’s government is close to adopting a “Cinderella” law to ban youngsters from playing online games past midnight amid growing concerns about Internet addiction, officials said Thursday.

A bill to be submitted to parliament as early as this month will require South Korean online game companies to cut off services at midnight for users registered as younger than 16, the culture and family ministries said.

The government is also considering requiring companies to limit young users’ access to online games to a maximum number of hours a week or a day if parents request this.

This kind of shit would never fly in America… corporate gaming execs would be bitching about it, teenagers would be bitching about it, parents would somehow find a reason to bitch about their responsibility being usurped… but this is a good law because:

Last month a 15-year-old South Korean boy committed suicide after killing his mother for scolding him over playing computer games too much.

In February a 32-year-old man died after reportedly playing for five days with few breaks.

A month later police arrested a couple accused of leaving their baby daughter to starve to death while they raised a “virtual” child on the Internet. The baby had long been malnourished, an autopsy showed.

That last one… WTF!! I swear I’m not making this up. It’s. Real. So kudos to the Korean government for trying to do something about it, for kids anyway. Not much you can do about the utter stupidity of grownups.

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