Korea’s got talent!

Wow I missed an entire month on LIK! Well it was a busy month selling tacos, and now I’ve got something else cooking… but that’s a secret. For now. Mr. Balzac would prefer to keep the details under wraps but I’m pretty sure he’ll eventually let the cat outta da bag.

What’s not a secret is that I’m “putting out feelers” to see if anyone wants to buy Itaewon’s most popular food truck! Many would ask, why now? Aren’t you about to make a shitload of money? And the answer is yes… peak season is here, and if I’m ever gonna sell my Mexican creation the time is *now* when there’s money for the next owner to make! It’s like trying to sell a Baskin Robbins franchise… May or November? Duh. You look for buyers when the perceived value is highest.

And here’s where the Korean talent portion of this post comes in. I saw this on a few facebook profiles (fuckin facebook!) and eventually got around to watching it. The guy can sing. And his story is tragic. And I wanna nail the judge in the middle.

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