Bluehost sucks balls

This is Bluehost’s idea of “tech support”:

1. Shut down your account
2. When you call to ask why they shut it down, they respond with “something went wrong, you have to figure it out and fix it and your sites will be down until then”

Asking those dickheads for help of any kind is usually met with a link to their Terms of Service which apparently includes the clause “fuck off, we don’t support shit”.

So that’s where LIK has been the past few months… lost in Bluehost’s blackhole of shitty service. I’ve since moved to a new host where they actually do offer tech support, so I can go back to posting useless garbage here!

If  you need web hosting go to Webair which is just as cheap as Bluehost, except they actually have tech support staff who are willing to do their job.

So in conclusion, FUCK YOU BLUEHOST! Worst. Web hosting. Ever.

Bluehost sucks so bad somebody went and made a website about it

posted by Michael in Whatever on 11/15/2011 | Comments (3)
  • 123

    I just quit Bluehost after 1 day myself. They make it clear right up front (well, only after they take your money) how bad they suck.

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  • Xtremo232

    i had a porn site , BH toke it.

    but i got back-ups hehe 🙂

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  • Cary

    The hosting package in itself is not wrong, but I had a few problems with Blue Host downtime, and the support desk is a disaster. They hardly respond to open tickets, even though they have a priority code. My site was down for four days since I had exceeded my data limit. It took me four days to purchase a larger package, and in the meantime the site was not accessible. Now they have recently installed a new security feature on their server that prevents you from sending large numbers of emails. After 1500 emails the server blocks all outgoing email traffic. This is introduced without consultation and because of this I can no longer send my newsletter. It’s time to leave them!

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