A Thanksgiving Miracle! Or not…

Tonite was the annual Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Bama, and after dinner his gf Jenny did a trivia game where the first two prizes were crap that Bama wanted to get rid of (Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs and an old hookah), and the final Grand Prize was two tickets to the Boyz2Men concert tomorrow (Sunday) night. The tickets were very kindly furnished by our friend Jeff the club promoter.

Unfortunately my teammate Pat and I won! Ehh. With my incredible powers of deduction I figured out that the answer was Angelina Jolie… we both wanted to win just for the sake of winning and laughing at Alaska Jae the loser, but neither of us really gives a shit about seeing a group of middle-aged guys who made their living from singing shit we didn’t even like 20 years ago when it was big. We tried to give the tix to Nate and his wife who just hosted a posh birthday bash two weeks ago for Nate’s bday, but they declined. If unloading the tickets on Facebook and/or craigslist doesn’t happen in the next 12 hours I’m gonna try to sucker some girl I know into going with me. If THAT fails, and it probably will, then Pat and I just might go despite how gay it would be.

The tickets have a face value of about $85 each so we’re both inclined to go instead of flushing them down the shitter. But if we go to this thing together, who’s the Man and who’s the Woman? I dunno but I’ll gladly be the woman if it means Pat pays for all the booze. And no I’m NOT putting out! Shh, he’s not supposed to know that.

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