I help people, even the monumentally stupid

I got two emails yesterday through iPhone App Reviews from the same person:

I am surprised to be billed significant purchases for the pocket god games when I did not authorize the purchases.  I would like to request that the purcahses be reversed and cancelled.  Please let me know how to proceed with this.

and then a few minutes later…

I do not understand why these applications are being charged to my Itunes account without my authority.  I would like an explanation.

So I very calmly replied with “Sorry I have no idea what’s going on with your billing. You need to contact either the makers of those apps or take the matter up with Apple’s billing department. We just review apps, we have nothing to do with your iTunes account.”

I think I deserve some kind of medal for not telling her that she’s a fucking moron.

posted by Michael in Whatever on 12/5/2011 | Comments (2)