The world’s most fucked up toy store

This place is actually pretty awesome… it’s so awesome, in fact, that when you walk in the door you have to cough up ₩2,000 (about $2) just to look around! And you’ll probably also be told that it’s ok to take pictures, something they apparently encourage.

The store is called Toto and they’ve got so much weird shit that people are constantly going in to gawk at all their creepy dolls, old vintage toys, and general kitschy weirdness. It’s located on Insadong’s main drag (2nd floor, look for the big blue anime-looking sign), not too far from exit 6 at Anguk subway station.

Just about every store in Insadong sells the same tourist garbage, so if you’re in the neighborhood you’ll need to duck in here if you want to see something other than another goddam gift shop, especially if you’re looking for postcards to mail overseas. The postcards at Toto are retro and kind of funny, and I have two (bought a really long time ago) that are hanging on my wall right now.

There’s also a much smaller copycat store across the street that sells a lot of the same stuff.

Look for the big blue sign on the 2nd floor

Wonder Woman says: GET YOUR WALLET OUT

That's a lotta toys & shit

More toys & shit

Of course John Wayne is on the wall, why wouldn't he be?

I used to worship Ultraman when UHF TV still existed

Koreans don't fuck around when it comes to GI Joe

Hooray for blue hair & big tits

I likes the naked ladies


WTF is up with this guy in the box

Cigarettes and more strange dolls, plus a plate of plastic food on the bottom

I bought this horse thing for my 2 year old nephew

I dunno what the hell these things on the wall are

I LOVE TOTO postcards

Weird candy

Sorry kids, these awesome postcards that I bought around 2003-2004 don't appear to be available anymore

Sorry kids, these hilariously strange postcards that I bought around 2003-2004 don't appear to be available anymore

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