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Fuck you Philip Morris!

I’ve been smoking for close to 25 years, but for some reason I don’t look like this yet:

But still, I don’t really feel like waiting until my face looks like an old wrinkled ass with a cigarette sticking out of the butthole.

Truth is, what motivated me to quit was a conversation I had with a friend a few weeks ago. She’s 37, a few years younger than me, and we were drinking and talking about life choices, and the next day I was like, “fuck smoking! I’m gonna quit!” Maybe it was the hangover talking.

So I mentioned this to another friend who happens to be a heavy drinker AND a heavy smoker, and she quickly produced some pills that would help me quit. I knew one of them was Champix (aka Chantix in USA), but I didn’t find out until later that the big pill was Wellbutrin, a stop-smoking drug that competes with Chantix. My friend isn’t a doctor but she was telling me to take both of them together, twice a day. After talking to an actual doctor, I decided to get a Chantix prescription of my own. I gave the Chantix/Wellbutrin collection back to my friend.

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