Check it out ladies! (NSFW)

I walk Terry a lot, and sometimes we find stuff on the ground. We find cigarette butts. We find ads for hookers. We find shit from other dogs. Sometimes we even find folding money! Today we found an ad for what appears to be a dildo-like condom.

I’m not 100% sure of what this ad says, but it definitely looks like it’s selling a molded cock-shaped thing that you slip onto whatever projectile-type objects you may have handy, and then you shove your newly-sheathed makeshift sex toy up the hole of your choice and do your worst! The funny part is that this ad shows two different sizes. The smaller cock condom is for younger ladies and their untrained vaginas, and the bigger one is for older women whose junk has apparently been stretched out by years and years of sexual gymnastics. Luckily when you place your order you get one of each! Or maybe you get two of the same size? I dunno! Who cares! Share them with your friends!

posted by Michael in Whatever on 4/24/2012 | No Comments