The LIK Page Rank Experiment!

I’ve never attempted to promote LIK and I’ve never cared about how many “hits” LIK is getting, and this is mainly because I don’t give a shit who’s reading this stupid blog! The core audience here is about 4 people including myself, so SEO isn’t exactly high on my list of priorities where Lost in Korea is concerned.


I just want to try something. I’ve noticed that a lot of other Korea-related blogs have pretty good Google page ranks, usually in the 3-5 range, and I’d like to see if reciprocal link trades can get LIK in that area too. Why? I dunno. I guess I’m bored.

So right now LIK has a page rank of zero and an Alexa rating of 4,423,765. Both of those numbers are bad! The page rank number should go up and the Alexa number should go down, since a low Alexa number is a good Alexa number. I haven’t requested link trades with anyone, but I’ve added a new section of links in the sidebar titled “More Korea Blogs”, so over time I’ll be trying to get those guys to link back to LIK. Some will, some won’t, but in the end I think it’ll be fun to see how page rank and Alexa are affected. Well, fun for me, anyway! This kind of shit bores most people, but if SEO gives you a boner then pay close attention.

posted by Michael in Whatever on 5/15/2012 | No Comments