Terry’s summer haircut 2012

It’s that time again! This is my first haircut video since I switched back to Mac about 6 months ago so I applied some video effects in iMovie just to see what they look like. Here’s the no-effects version.

Also, this haircut resulted in Terry’s first-ever problem with walking. According to the vet across the street who did an x-ray (also the place where the haircuts have been taking place since 2010), Terry already had some kind of age-induced irregularity and discomfort in his right-side rear leg joint… but I never noticed anything of the sort. So, while getting his hair cut, he had to stand up for 2 hours straight and this apparently caused that irregularity to flare up and now Terry has trouble walking more than a few yards without wanting to sit down or turn around and bite his tail.

If it sounds like I’m not totally believing what the vet says, it’s because I’m not totally believing what the vet says. They had a new person working there, and if she was the one giving the haircut then I think there’s a chance she may have fucked something up. Maybe Terry didn’t like her and he tried to jump off the table and she caught him by his leg, thereby causing this mysterious new injury? I dunno. His next haircut will be somewhere else, though, and if he’s not limpy afterwards then my assumption could be right.

The effects used are Cartoon, Romantic, and Dream, in that order

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