A disaster waiting to happen

Starting tomorrow I’ll be on the radio every Monday from 4:30 to 5:30! Well for a couple months anyway, and hopefully they’ll keep me around and/or give me my own show if I can manage to be halfway entertaining AND prevent myself from spewing my usual inappropriateness all over the airwaves.

I’m guest hosting a show with their regular guy in the 4:30-5:30 time slot and we’re gonna talk about old movies and play music from old soundtracks. It’s a show for old people, so naturally they called me in.

The movies and music are mine to choose, that’s kind of what the guest host does, so I’m basically just choosing movies whether they’re good or not as long as they have decent music. Tomorrow’s lineup features music from The Big Chill and Stand By Me, and even though the music will be pleasing in an oldies kind of way,  if you tune in long enough to hear me talk I’m sure you’ll eventually start shaking your head in disgust.

In Seoul, turn your dial to 101.3 FM or online go to http://tbs.seoul.kr/ and click on FM 101.3 in the blue nav bar at the top. I’m not putting a link here cuz I’m pretty sure they’ll fire me if they ever find LIK and realize how evil I really am.


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