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Just when you thought K-pop couldn’t get any more irritating

Hmm I do like the helmets though…

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All gussied up on Sunday morning

Old lady sporting a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. Parasol makes it look even fancier!


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Happy birthday Terry!

Since I don’t know when Terry’s real birthday is, I have decreed that it shall be the day that Jisun found him wandering around Hongik University. 8 years ago today. Or yesterday. Well, sometime around now, to be sure.


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Poor doggy

My Korean is terrible but it’s still very obvious that whoever put up this flyer is desperate to find their dog. $200 reward for a dog that’s 14 years old, blind in one eye, and “like family.”

Edit (3/9/2014): In retrospect, I feel like I should clarify something here. The reward money and the fact that the dog is old and blind in one eye doesn’t make this ad desperate. The desperation comes from the language used… it’s kind of pleading, begging for a phone call if the dog is found. I hope they found their dog, but I really don’t know if they did.


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