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North Korean classical guitar toddlers

It’s pretty hard to say anything to this but HOLY CRAP. These kids (~4-5 years old?) are North Korean. Totally insane. I have to confess that I came across this video while I was procrastinating on TESOL homework by watching videos of North Korean female soldiers marching around in lockstep which is also insane but in a totally different way.


Ok I can’t resist, here are the marching girls. The actual marching starts at about 0:51. I admit to asking myself if any of those guns have bullets in them and then I wondered if they can even afford bullets…

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Periodic Table of Hangul

Just in case you’re wondering if the Korean alphabet is as fucked up as it looks. It’s not! It actually makes a lot more sense than English.

Click here for the huge version

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Put me down goddammit


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