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I don’t do dishes often, but when I do… I do them really, really fast

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I’m not as dumb as you look

TESOL is finally over! 16 weeks of theory, lesson planning, paper-writing, “self-reflection”, and excruciatingly painful homework assignments, over. This class was all about teaching me how to teach, and a good portion of it concerned theories in “second language acquisition” that attempt to explain how people learn language #2. It was a really tough class (three classes, actually) but it was definitely worthwhile and the people who said that it wouldn’t make me a better teacher are fucking stupid. This was 16 Saturdays of hardcore, graduate-level stuff and it was mucho difficult but I think it’s paid off and now, assuming I get accepted into the MA program, I’ll be starting grad school with a 3.7 GPA since that’s the grade I got in TESOL. That’s right, I GOT AN A. Well, I really got an A-, but it’s still an A.

I was a shitty teacher before taking the class, and now I’d say I’m much less shitty. And there’s also the added benefit of having met a bunch of people who might be sources of jobs or whatever in the future. I think they call that “networking.”

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