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Korean girls don’t have asses…

…and I’m totally ok with that

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I am Try-Lingual… I try to speak Korean and get blank stares in return

So yeah, I’m studying Korean these days. It’s mostly because every day at work I eat lunch by myself. Believe it or not, this is by choice. My co-workers aren’t bad people, but I want nothing to do with most of them! We work together. We’re not lunch buddies. (If you look closely, you can almost watch me transform into a more and more antisocial jerk with each passing day.) Point being, lunchtime is a good time to whip out the iPad and run through some flash cards. Even studying for just 10-15 minutes makes a huge difference.

My recent studying kick is also tied to the fact that there’s a free two-hour Korean class every Saturday from 3-5 pm, and it takes me less than 10 minutes to walk there at a leisurely pace. And remember, I live right behind the campus of Sookmyung Women’s University. Wink wink. What I’m trying to say is, the teachers are all women. That’s what “wink wink” means. I’d honestly still go to class every Saturday if the teachers were all dudes (hey it’s free) but they’re not and I have no complaints.

So back to the point: I’m studying Korean. Up until very recently I was attending yet another free Korean class (at a nearby community center on Thursday nights) but I’m taking an indefinite break from it because it’s kind of below my already-low level.

My Sookmyung Korean class went on a little “Membership Training” thing about a month ago so I’ll post some pics from that when I feel motivated. Membership Training is just a “Konglish” word for a grown-up field trip that usually entails socializing, games, booze, and sleeping on the floor of a pension (a motel-ish place). It was mostly fun and certainly worth going on since I met some other students and got to know some of the teachers and other volunteers who run the free class program.

I’ll end this with a snapshot from my Level 3 Korean book from when I was doing the intensive program at Hongik back in 2003. I just dug this book out of my closet a few minutes ago and all I can say is NO WONDER I DROPPED OUT! Jesus. Yeah I made it through levels 1-2 just fine, but level 3 kicked me in the nuts pretty hard. No English translations in this book, which is a big part of why I couldn’t handle it. My book scribbles make it look like I survived most of the class but I distinctly recall throwing in the towel somewhere near the middle of the 35 chapters. Still, I’m glad I saved the books. There’s an outside chance I might still be able to get something out of them.


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