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Hmm it kind of looks like us…

This is what happens when I wander around Itaewon with Terry after a few too many beers.

I spotted this guy sitting in front of the Hamilton Hotel with his easel and decided it was worth $30 to see what he could do. Terry and I sat for probably 30-40 minutes before he was finished, and I’m pretty sure it would have taken a little longer if he hadn’t had to pee really bad. Actually, he and I both had to go, so I was glad he finished when he did.

And what’s up with the way Koreans write numbers? The date should be “10/5” but it somehow looks like 10/9 which, the way some Koreans write their nines, could be mistaken for 10/P.

Anyway, I think the guy did ok. He drew a younger, more chiseled me. I’ll take it. Not sure how Terry feels about his portrait, though. If Terry could talk, he’d probably complain that he doesn’t look vicious enough.

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