I don’t think she got the joke

In my Teaching Writing class I have to participate in this message board thing that the whole class does. One of the students complained that her refrigerator is making a high-pitched noise and asked for advice on how to stop it.

Her: Since I moved other town last week, I annoyed with noise of my refrigerator. It sounds high frequency and I cannot help hearing this sound. Is there anyone know about this sound? How can I do? For now, I stand this sound and try to ignore the sound. But it’s too hard to ignore the noise..!

Me: Your ears gradually lose the ability to hear high frequency sounds as you get older. This is why old men can’t hear their wives, but they can hear other men just fine. If you live in that apartment long enough, the high frequency sound will eventually go away! It might take 30 years, but it will happen. Just be patient.

Her: Really?? I didn’t konw that ever! THanks for your advice~~!

Me: Ummm… you’re welcome? haha 🙂

I know. I’m hilarious.

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