The NCAA Amazon Project

First I created Miss Kylie and ManlyStuff69 on Twitter for the purpose of trying to save a certain mock betting site that Pat’s friend created. Then I thought about the possibility of using Twitter to sell a popular weight loss plan called The Venus Factor so I created a fake doctor who may or may not start hawking this weight loss thing, I haven’t really decided yet. Then I revisited the betting thing, looking for a better way to build an audience that would be interested in the underserved fantasy market for college football… see, fantasy football is huge but it’s only available for NFL teams. This betting site owned by Pat’s friend isn’t fantasy football, but it has fantasy elements to it that I think college football fans would be onboard with, and it’s also just as fun as fantasy football so I think it could be very successful if the right audience could be reached. Then I started thinking about trying to monetize this audience in other ways, just in case the betting site doesn’t work out. This is how the NCAA Amazon Project was born. Here’s the very, very simple plan:

  1. Build an audience of followers for the top 10 college football programs
  2. Post affiliate links to team-specific gear such as sweatshirts, coffee tumblers, baby clothes, etc., interspersed with legitimate sports news


I’ve been more or less retired from all of my web-based projects for the past year, so I’m ready to give this a try. I think I can automate things to the point that very little maintenance will be required, but there’s a good amount of legwork to be done before I reach that point. If nothing else, I should learn a few things from this and maybe come up with some better ideas in the future.

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