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Model student

First semester of the MA TESOL program is in the books and Plan Z continues. Each semester is only two classes but it’s a lot of work, and I did a lot of work. I was a model student, always in my seat with bright-eyed enthusiasm and hands folded, ready to answer any question the teacher might have posed.

Ok that last part is a lie. I always sat near the back the classroom for two reasons:

  1. So that the teachers wouldn’t “use me” in their hypothetical examples, and
  2. So I could secretly play poker on my iPad

But I paid attention when it counted and did all the homework and busted my ass on midterms and finals. Mission accomplished. Now I only have to do that for two more semesters and then write a thesis or something.

Brain class final paper | Teaching Writing final paper

Btw, my Teaching Writing final paper was selected by the professor to “represent” our class in the annual TESOL Journal published by the MA TESOL department. Hooray, now I can put “Journal Editor and Contributor” on my resume. I had already volunteered to be an editor (so I could put it on the resume).

If you can’t read this, it says “A+” and “A+”

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Puppy Freakshow

Dear Koreans, please stop doing this to your dogs.


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