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My Three Homes

Chicago Timelapse Project, Windy City Nights II
from Max Wilson

Seoul Timelapse 2011 from Oh Choong Young

Timelapse: San Francisco from Adonis Pulatus

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The genius of Korean marketing

I dunno what this girl is selling, but I’ll take it

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Do you have any idea how much money my country has given your country?

Falling Down isn’t a racist movie… Michael Douglas’ character is an equal opportunity vigilante who also goes after whites, Hispanics, and a neo-nazi asshole! Probably one of the best movies he’s ever been in. I’m posting this because his answer to his own question is pretty funny.

(for the record, an actual Korean wouldn’t say “fi”, he would say “pie-buh”)

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Why can’t all commercials be made by Japanese people?

I vaguely recall promising updates and photos ‘n shit… that’s probably not gonna happen. Well it might, but I dunno when. Right now I’m just here to post this hilarious Japanese commercial which was brought to my attention by my friend Clayton who now lives in Japan. Are all Japanese commercials this awesome? I dunno! I’m just going to assume they are.

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This is neat

This time lapse video makes Seoul look way cooler than it really is! The music is a Korean folk song called Arirang.

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Living life to the fullest

A rare glimpse into my crazy rockstar life

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2010 Fishing Pilgrimage is in the books

Well I’ve spent the past 2+ weeks in the Chicago area (and North Carolina and Wisconsin) and it’s been productive! The main goal was to do the annual fishing trip with Dad & bro, but before we packed the car with beer, food, and $3 fishing lures I did some running around which I think has paid off:

  • Bought all kinds of shit to take back to Korea… bedding, kitchen tools, a kickass Logitech Performance MX wireless mouse, and a bunch of business-related books
  • Spent a day with a super nice Mexican lady who taught me how to make tacos and green/red hot sauce
  • Reconnected with some friends from my days of working at Spiegel Outlet Store about 500 years ago
  • Visited mom in NC, and she tried really hard to teach me how to swing a golf club so I can stick it to Ben and Lee the next time we play screen golf in Seoul

The highlight was catching 19 fish in Wisconsin, which is 19 more than I caught last year… but of course Pat managed to catch 23. Dick! Ok my fish count wasn’t really THE highlight… that honor belongs to my dad who reeled in the biggest goddam fish any one of us has ever caught! Dad actually caught TWO northern pikes, but the second one was kind of puny compared to his first. Nice job, old man!

Holy shit, Dad!

I’m a rugged outdoorsman

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Dae-han-min… boobs!

For you white folks who don’t get the joke, “dae han min gook” is the Korean way of saying “Korea”, and it’s also what you’ll hear people chanting during World Cup games.

The other night I was watching Korea vs. Nigeria at 3:30 am and after halftime I took Terry down the street to watch the game at a chicken hof (a place that serves beer & fried chicken) where I got drunk and Terry caught the attention of some lady and her moderately-doable friend’s cleavage! Good boy, now find me some girls who are 10 years younger…

Dae-han-min-boobs from Michael M on Vimeo.

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You fucking bitch!

Thanks Pat – I nearly pissed myself laughing when this guy started swearing!

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It’s that time again!

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Welcome to my hotel room

Cory and Sarah were in town last week so they came over to eat watermelon and provide background commentary for the long-awaited video tour of my, uh, “crib”. Do people still use that word?

This place is pretty sweet… I’ve got a dishwasher which is pretty unheard of in Korea, and the washing machine also dries! I don’t even own a drying rack. The crown jewel of this place is, of course, the smoking lounge! Or the big TV on the wall? Eh, let’s call it a tie.

The not-so-grand tour from Michael M on Vimeo.

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How politicians get elected in Korea

I have no idea who’s running for what office, but it’s pretty clear that at least one of the candidates is a major attention whore!

Korean political campaigning is funny and annoying from Michael M on Vimeo.

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Everybody Bubi!

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No seatbelts, no problem

A few weeks ago I went to Dongdaemun (big shopping area) with Alaska Jae and Jisun and we went on Disco Jump! It’s this nutty ride that spins around and bounces while you hold on for dear life. The guy who operates it is pretty sadistic and was way more aggressive with the spinning and bouncing than he was in this video below. Fast forward to about 1:00 to hear him laughing hysterically at a guy who’s bouncing on top of his girlfriend.

Alaska and Jisun both fell into the middle, and if the guy hadn’t eased up I would have gone flying, too.

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I heart Chrissie Hynde

This has absolutely nothing to do with fleeing to Korea… I just love this video!! It starts out mellow, but it doesn’t take long for the diver to completely spaz out.

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