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Puppy Freakshow

Dear Koreans, please stop doing this to your dogs.


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Terry making a weird face at the park


Back to normal


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Hmm it kind of looks like us…

This is what happens when I wander around Itaewon with Terry after a few too many beers.

I spotted this guy sitting in front of the Hamilton Hotel with his easel and decided it was worth $30 to see what he could do. Terry and I sat for probably 30-40 minutes before he was finished, and I’m pretty sure it would have taken a little longer if he hadn’t had to pee really bad. Actually, he and I both had to go, so I was glad he finished when he did.

And what’s up with the way Koreans write numbers? The date should be “10/5” but it somehow looks like 10/9 which, the way some Koreans write their nines, could be mistaken for 10/P.

Anyway, I think the guy did ok. He drew a younger, more chiseled me. I’ll take it. Not sure how Terry feels about his portrait, though. If Terry could talk, he’d probably complain that he doesn’t look vicious enough.

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Terry doing his job

I just happened to have a bag of chicken that was given to me by the kebab guy, so Terry was very cooperative when some ladies wanted his attention.


(Yes that’s my finger in the frame, whoops)

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It’s the cat’s meow

This Snapseed app on my iPhone is the cat’s meow



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Mirror mirror, on the street


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Put me down goddammit


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A brilliant name for a skin care products store if there ever was one


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Let’s try this instead

Well I’m obviously too goddam lazy to write anything of substance here… EVER… so I’m just gonna designate Walking Terry time as LIK time, too. What that means is that pretty much everything from here on out will be stupid things I see while Terry and I are out walking, and by stupid I mean really boring and mundane. Unless its pictures of Terry begging people for food. That shit’s exciting!

P.S. My radio career is dead! Note to self: do not announce to Korea on live radio that Julia Roberts’ mouth is so big you could defrost a turkey in it. Oh and btw, fuck you TBS! Thanks for not reading my SCRIPTED inappropriateness before GOING LIVE. Of course that’s not your job… why would it be?



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