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North Korean classical guitar toddlers

It’s pretty hard to say anything to this but HOLY CRAP. These kids (~4-5 years old?) are North Korean. Totally insane. I have to confess that I came across this video while I was procrastinating on TESOL homework by watching videos of North Korean female soldiers marching around in lockstep which is also insane but in a totally different way.


Ok I can’t resist, here are the marching girls. The actual marching starts at about 0:51. I admit to asking myself if any of those guns have bullets in them and then I wondered if they can even afford bullets…

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And now I present to you… Plan Z

I’m not entirely sure of what Plans A-Y consisted of, but I know a few of them involved a taco truck and various attempts at making my living online.

Fuck that shit, I give up! Well, not entirely. I think I’ll always have something brewing on a server somewhere, but it’s time to quit fucking around. It’s time for Plan Z.

Plan Z is the plan I always knew I would turn to if all of my other plans failed. Well, all of my other plans have failed. I have officially given up on making a career out of sitting on my couch in front of my computer in my underwear, and I am now ready to embrace TEACHING ENGLISH as my life’s work! I’ve been resisting it since I came back to Korea in 2010, but for the past three years I’ve been failing at life so here we go.

The first phase of Plan Z is to get a TESOL certificate. For the uninitiated, TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and it’s basically a piece of paper that says “I know how to teach English.” My preliminary research on TESOL certification consisted of asking around and reading opinions online. Nearly everything I heard and read concluded that TESOL is a waste of time, it won’t help you get a job, it won’t make you a better teacher, etc. I took note of the fact that the people who told me in person that it’s a waste of time were already employed full-time as teachers. I also noted that the people online who said it was a waste of time were generally talking about TESOL certificates gotten online for $200-$300. So I concluded that all of these people are idiots, and I enrolled in the TESOL program at Sookmyung Women’s University which is basically right next door to my apartment.

It turns out that this TESOL program is a graduate-level course that comes with credits I can transfer to a master’s degree program if I choose to pursue it. Maybe that’s why it costs $2,200? That kind of money for an in-person TESOL course really isn’t that much, relatively speaking. Another university in Seoul (Hanyang University) charges $3,000 and it’s not next door to my house. I also have a friend who took a class in the U.S. and he paid about $2,000 and, as far as I know, he didn’t get any grad school credits.

So far the class is a real pain in the ass and the reading is super boring, and there’s a lot of reading. Still, I do think this class will make me a better teacher. That’s really not much of a challenge considering I’ve never had any formal training in how to teach up until now, but the point is that I’m actually learning stuff and becoming aware of things that only academic researchers think about when it comes to the art and business of education. The class is kind of a ballbreaker… it’s every Saturday for 16 weeks, 2 pm to 9:30 pm., and it’s actually three classes, not one: Methodology, Second Language Acquisition, and Intercultural Communication. The good news is that even though it seems like one long class, the fact that it’s three means I’ll wind up with 9 grad school credits if I elect to use them. NINE! That’s assuming that I pass the class, of course.

And thus begins the first phase of Plan Z. Second phase, grad school. Maybe.

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Weird Japanese product, weirder Japanese commercial

The first 24 seconds are kind of boring, but after that it’s full-on Japanese Weirdness Time

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Happy birthday Terry!

Since I don’t know when Terry’s real birthday is, I have decreed that it shall be the day that Jisun found him wandering around Hongik University. 8 years ago today. Or yesterday. Well, sometime around now, to be sure.


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Poor doggy

My Korean is terrible but it’s still very obvious that whoever put up this flyer is desperate to find their dog. $200 reward for a dog that’s 14 years old, blind in one eye, and “like family.”

Edit (3/9/2014): In retrospect, I feel like I should clarify something here. The reward money and the fact that the dog is old and blind in one eye doesn’t make this ad desperate. The desperation comes from the language used… it’s kind of pleading, begging for a phone call if the dog is found. I hope they found their dog, but I really don’t know if they did.


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Nothing to see here… just a guy playing a saxophone on a forklift…


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Massive silicone appendage!

Hmmmm, tempting…


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Believe it or not: Most Koreans don’t eat dogs

It’s true. Most younger people are grossed out by it and some are out there trying to end the practice altogether. This sticker says “Please don’t eat my mother.”


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A disaster waiting to happen

Starting tomorrow I’ll be on the radio every Monday from 4:30 to 5:30! Well for a couple months anyway, and hopefully they’ll keep me around and/or give me my own show if I can manage to be halfway entertaining AND prevent myself from spewing my usual inappropriateness all over the airwaves.

I’m guest hosting a show with their regular guy in the 4:30-5:30 time slot and we’re gonna talk about old movies and play music from old soundtracks. It’s a show for old people, so naturally they called me in.

The movies and music are mine to choose, that’s kind of what the guest host does, so I’m basically just choosing movies whether they’re good or not as long as they have decent music. Tomorrow’s lineup features music from The Big Chill and Stand By Me, and even though the music will be pleasing in an oldies kind of way,  if you tune in long enough to hear me talk I’m sure you’ll eventually start shaking your head in disgust.

In Seoul, turn your dial to 101.3 FM or online go to and click on FM 101.3 in the blue nav bar at the top. I’m not putting a link here cuz I’m pretty sure they’ll fire me if they ever find LIK and realize how evil I really am.


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A family that shits together stays together

Well isn’t that just precious


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Bachelor pad, before and after

Wow. I’ve lived in this place for three years already. But now it’s time to move! Gonna have to give up the dishwasher, 19th floor roof garden, really big windows overlooking the street, living next door to a big supermarket, certain places nearby where Terry likes to shit, and the ever-present possibility of meeting an emotionally unstable hookup in the elevator, but that’s the way it is. Time to move on.

Shithole before

Shithole before

Sweet lovenest after

Sweet lovenest after

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I’ll have the crap sandwich, please

A nice find from Facebook

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I think my niece is a Star Wars fan

Not sure why, it’s just a hunch

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It’s always nice to reconnect with old friends

An old friend from the 80s

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Don’t fight here

If you do it, I will kick your ass!

Wait… they don’t serve minors? That’s weird, I thought this was Korea…

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