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Why can’t all commercials be made by Japanese people?

I vaguely recall promising updates and photos ‘n shit… that’s probably not gonna happen. Well it might, but I dunno when. Right now I’m just here to post this hilarious Japanese commercial which was brought to my attention by my friend Clayton who now lives in Japan. Are all Japanese commercials this awesome? I dunno! I’m just going to assume they are.

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Korea’s got talent!

Wow I missed an entire month on LIK! Well it was a busy month selling tacos, and now I’ve got something else cooking… but that’s a secret. For now. Mr. Balzac would prefer to keep the details under wraps but I’m pretty sure he’ll eventually let the cat outta da bag.

What’s not a secret is that I’m “putting out feelers” to see if anyone wants to buy Itaewon’s most popular food truck! Many would ask, why now? Aren’t you about to make a shitload of money? And the answer is yes… peak season is here, and if I’m ever gonna sell my Mexican creation the time is *now* when there’s money for the next owner to make! It’s like trying to sell a Baskin Robbins franchise… May or November? Duh. You look for buyers when the perceived value is highest.

And here’s where the Korean talent portion of this post comes in. I saw this on a few facebook profiles (fuckin facebook!) and eventually got around to watching it. The guy can sing. And his story is tragic. And I wanna nail the judge in the middle.

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