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Slingbox is the shit

Without Slingbox I would have been TV-less in the basement for the past month! The only reason I have one is so that I can watch American TV in Korea, and tonite I’m doing an experimental setup of my Slingcatcher (got it for xmas) just to see how it works. It’s beautiful except the Slinglinked […]

posted by Michael in Preparing to Flee on 1/7/2010 | No Comments

Up the fucking wall

…is where these commercials are driving me! Thankfully Alaska and I have pretty much given up watching Korean TV in favor of downloaded TV and Slingbox. This won’t help my neverending quest to stop speaking Korean like a gigantic moron, but it’s good for what’s left of my sanity.

posted by Michael in Television on 2/18/2010 | Comment (1)

I’m a lazy piece of shit

Things have been happening lately but I’m too goddam lazy to write here! So I’m gonna try doing it from my iPhone when I’m bored or idle, ie: watching tv (like I am right now), waiting for a burrito in the microwave, taking a massive dump, that kind of thing. Here’s a quick rundown on […]

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