Slingbox is the shit

Without Slingbox I would have been TV-less in the basement for the past month! The only reason I have one is so that I can watch American TV in Korea, and tonite I’m doing an experimental setup of my Slingcatcher (got it for xmas) just to see how it works. It’s beautiful except the Slinglinked internet connectivity in this house sucks and it’s all choppy. Watching my friend Eric’s box in California is perfect, though.

Nik has logged some time on my Slingbox from Korea already and he says the picture isn’t great but it’s very watchable. Now I just gotta get my brother to set it up in his new house! I’ve labeled every possible cable and cord so he knows where they’re supposed to go, and I also made him a nifty diagram in case the official instructions throw him into a tizzy.

(The digital timer is optional – in some cases the Slingbox needs to be rebooted regularly for some unknown technical reason, so the timer is an automated way to do it)

posted by Michael in Preparing to Flee on 1/7/2010 | No Comments